A Cappella III – Network Player / Streamer


  • Audio Clocks: At the heart of all music is the rhythm. And the rhythm in digital audio is driven by the clock. We use an OCXO to achieve jitter measured in femtoseconds.
  • I2S Output: The native language spoken by DAC chips is I2S. So that’s where we started. I2S means audio without translation, and if you haven’t heard it, you haven’t heard digital. The A Cappella III offers an I2S Output (over an HDMI connector) that follows the ‘PS Audio Spec.’
  • Roon: The music player for music lovers. Forget everything you know about music players. Music is an experience, and Roon reconnects you with it.
  • NAS for Music: We love Network Attached Storage (NAS). Huge libraries, easy backups, error checking and galvanic isolation. Store more music, with better sound, on an external NAS device, and play it on your A Cappella III with the Roon interface. (No need for UPnP, DLNA, MPD).
  • Linear Power: Underlying everything is DC power. Super clean DC Power. The smoother the road, the smoother the ride.
  • Simplicity: Using a playback system should be as much fun as listening to the music it creates. Our interface is pure joy. We built it that way.
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The only 1’s and 0’s I speak are Audio

Although there are a few ways to playback digital music, we find doing so with an audio signal sounds the best.

But the great clocks, proper isolation and pristine audio outputs aren’t what you’ll love about your A Cappella III. You’ll love the way it makes your speakers sound.

Introducing A Cappella III

Musica Pristina’s roots are firmly planted as computer audio pioneers. We’ve been building music servers with computer parts, Windows and linear power supplies for ages. (We never really wanted a printer port in the server, but it’s harder to remove than you’d imagine.)

But, sometimes you have to let something go to grasp something new.

So we left the world of Windows and PC motherboards in favor of System on Chip (SoC) and Linux kernels. We were finally empowered to build the player we always wanted to build, with only the parts and features we wanted it to have. A network player whose sound isn’t shaped by the Windows audio sub-system. A player that doesn’t radiate noise to the rest of your system.

Additional information

Dimensions 12 × 10.5 × 3.25 in

Silver, Black

LED Color

Blue, White, Red, Green

I2S over HDMI Output

Include I2S over HDMI, No I2S Output

AES/EBU + AES3id + S/PDIF Output

Include AES + S/PDIF Outputs, No AES + S/PDIF Outputs

USB Output

Isolated USB Output, Standard USB Output